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Popular social media sites

While it is a positive step that more and more social media platforms are popping up across the internet, you need to be clear on what sites will be the most beneficial to you and your business. For more specialist social medias, the internet is the place to look!

Of course this list is not exhaustive but will allow you to focus on the most effective social media sites for you.


Facebook - arguably the most popular social media, Facebook will give you the ability to connect with clients, potential customers as well as others in your industry both publicly and privately. You can also share information and digital content with the same people.


Doostang - a lesser known platform but of the similar form to Facebook, this is a business focused network site that allows for connections with a wider range of people to gain success in a job search. This is mainly employment focussed so can be one to consider if you are looking to expand your business and want to reach a wider pool of potential employees.


Snapchat - Kids love it, parents hate it or it scares them so much they don’t want to know what little Johnny or Johnette is doing! Snapchat is the mobile app that allows users to capture videos and pictures that will disappear after a few seconds.

Available on all smartphones


Instagram - a sister platform to Facebook, Instagram’s focus is photos and the sharing of these. They also have now introduced the ability to share videos. This is a great way to promote your business in a visual way and attract a younger generation who are the main users of this site.


Kickstarter - this is the main crowdfunding website which, as previously explained, can aid you in the raising of investments from a large number of people as a collection of smaller amounts.


Google+ - promoted as Google’s version of Facebook, Google+ allows you to create a ‘circle’ in which you can interact easily with the other members. This can be a good way to manage employees if you feel you need to check in with them on a regular basis and it will be easier to do that through one site rather than individual emails.


LinkedIn- the most well-known business focussed social media, allows you to promote yourself or your business to other liked minded individuals as well as potential clients. On an individual level, it is a good way of reaching those who are inspirations to you in a particular industry as well as a platform to find future employment.



YouTube - now owned by giant Google, YouTube’s popularity and power has grown dramatically over the past few years with many now making it their only income source. As a business, it is a free way to promote and share digital content such as videos, tutorials, promotional messages as well as news updates.



Twitter - another site that has blossomed in recent years, you will not find any successful business that does not have a presence on Twitter. It is a way to instantly connect with customers and other companies, allowing you to give updates or information in 140 characters or less.


Yammer - a similar site to Twitter that has slightly slipped under the radar. Owned by Microsoft, this site focuses on communication within the workplace. However, this site does command a fee to be paid for companies who want to control a complete corporate network.


Wordpress - this site allows you to create a free blog where you are open to submit any content you wish in whatever form. This is a great way to connect with consumers and develop a good bond with them.


Typepad - a similar site to Wordpress, however Typepad does have a fee attached. What does put this site ahead though is its own connection with other social media and its encouragement for you to connect with your other media using their social media optimisation tools.


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