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Norwich Pharmacal orders

You may have built the most robust social media presence and have all the best intentions of upholding it but if you are damaged by a third party that cannot be identified, you may think that all is lost.

You are wrong!

This is where Norwich Pharmacal Orders step in.

Many requests for the identification of an individual online who has been interfering with your social media are refused due to the stringent Data Protection Act 1998. This could create a barrier between you and justice.

Norwich Pharmacal Orders destroys that barrier.

A Norwich Pharmacal Order is an Order which requires that a third party who is 'mixed up' in the wrongdoing (even if innocently) discloses information as to the identity of the wrongdoer. This is a way to bypass the need to comply with data protection regulations and obtain their identity legally.

To obtain an order, an application must be submitted to the High Court and three requirements satisfied. Firstly, it must be shown that an act of wrongdoing has been committed by the wrongdoer whose identity you are seeking. Secondly, there must be a need for the order, the most common being the inability to obtain identification information. Thirdly the order needs to be made against a person who is able to disclose the information regarding the wrongdoer’s identity if it were not for data protection regulations. Therefore, your case would not be against the anonymous damage maker at first, the Order would be put to the person who hold the information of their identity but cannot release it.

In most scenarios, this is the host platform through which the anonymous person has infringed with your social media.

Lawdit Solicitors can guide and support you through this whole process, applying our knowledge and experience to ensure you have the outcome you wish for. Not only will we act on your behalf in your best interests and in line with your instructions, we will also be at your beck and call at any time to offer some guidance or an ear to calm concerns.

At Lawdit, our customers are at the forefront of any action we take and this includes the successful obtainment of Norwich Pharmacal Orders.

Please contact us to start proceedings and bring those hidden behind their screen to justice.

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