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Social media guidelines

Social media guidelines

Once you are clear on how to use social media to promote your business, it is important that you also pass on this knowledge to your employees. Anyone who will be a representative of your business needs to be sure on how to act to ensure they do not damage your brand.

These guidelines apply when using social media for marketing, public relations, corporate communications, recruiting activities or when someone is acting as an ambassador for your business. Follow these guideline policies to ensure your team are social media savvy.

Speak knowledgably

Your level of expertise should be reflected in your online postings and the postings should be limited to your area of knowledge. The context and what others have said should be reviewed, this is to ensure that you contribute in an appropriate manner. Where possible and appropriate please try to link to colleagues’ postings. This should ensure that we are building and maximising our online presence.

Be engaging and interactive

Please write in first person. If you feel comfortable share information that others would find interesting this is to increase appeal to others. When blogging or posting about the company please identify your connection with the company and what your role is within the company. We are aiming to create a dialogue to learn from others who are doing similar things.

Adding value

Before posing please identify the value of your contribution, this could be solving problems or answering questions for our customers or peers, adding to a sense of community around the company or improving the company’s image.

Respond to your mistakes quickly

If you have made a mistake in your post act quickly to fix it, the credibility of the company is judged by the accuracy and willingness to recognise and fix mistakes, if modifying a post be upfront about it.


Do not be argumentative

Being argumentative will not only look bad on the company but also yourself, if you choose to disagree remain respectful and objective. If speaking negatively about a competitor,  stick to the facts to make your point.

Be respectful

Do not post anything that may be offensive to others, please bear in mind that talk of religion, culture or politics can easily offend others.  

Respect and comply with the terms of the sites you visit

Please ensure that you have reviewed the terms of the social media sites you visit. For example, Facebook’s terms of use prohibit businesses from administering promotions through Facebook without prior written consent from Facebook.

Consequences of failure to observe these guidelines

Failure to follow these guidelines, particularly if your actions could expose the company to liability, will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary procedures, in extremely serious cases could result in termination of your employment at the company.

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