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Vogue name change following magazine push

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 21 December 2017

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A nightclub in Burnley is in for an expensive name change after the magazine made even more famous by Madonna put its foot down.

Vogue, one of the most well-known fashion magazines across the world has threatened action against a Burnley nightclub who have been trading under the name ‘Vogue’ since 2002.

There has been a step up over the past year of Big corporations coming down hard on smaller company which are named in a similar fashion, in order to assert their IP rights.

While we always recommend our clients ensure their IP is properly enforced, a few questions need to be asked before action is taken.

One of these is whether the use actually causes confusion and is it worth spending the time and money enforcing your rights if it does not affect your business.

It seems; however, a lack of confusion hasn’t stopped action being taken in this current case.

Managers of ‘Vogue Burnley’ expressed their surprise at the action taken by Vogue stating that “No one’s going to think: ‘I wonder if Kate Moss is at Vogue Burnley this week?’”

Rebecca and Jason McQuiod set up the club in the North of England in 2002 and believe the magazine are bullying them as a small business into changing their whole business identity just for the sake of it.

While it does seem the action was for no reason, Vogue has expressed their plans to start their own club nights and therefore justifying the reason to ensure the name is free to use in this area.

Mr and Mrs McQuiod have been given until 9th January 2018 to completely rebrand their business. With the festive period upon us, that is a massive expense and upheaval to undertake and will  undoubtedly leave the small business in a difficult position.

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