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Artist takes on Guess over use of lipstick artwork

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 17 September 2018

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Make up artist Vlada Haggerty has filed a copyright infringement action against clothing company Guess, after they allegedly used her artwork on their clothing without her permission.

The claim stated “Haggerty is especially well-known for her works of lip art, which feature close-up photographs of lips decorated with unique makeup designs”

According to the claim, her most popular work is a photo of liquid gold lip art, published in 2015 and subject to pending US copyright registration.

Guess has been accused of using this art on t-shirts and other clothing without rightfully indicating Haggerty’s work.

The artist claimed she notified the company of their copyright infringement in August, but this was denied by Guess.

Having in recent years being in dispute with LVMH and Kylie Jenner and settling on both matters, it will be interesting to see if this matter is also resolved behind closed doors.

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