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Trump’s trade marks

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 24 November 2016

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Earlier this year, he moved 110 of his registered trade marks in the US to Delaware, to take advnatage of various tax breaks that state offers. 

In addition, he has moved the marks to his new company DTTM Operations LLC which will enable him to avoid other states’ income taxes on royalties paid for their use.

Heer are Trump's UK and EU trade marks 


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Trade Marks owned by DTTM Operations LLC

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Trade Mark No.Mark TextFile DateStatusNice ClassesImage
UK00002293320 TRUMP 20/02/2002 Registered 41 43  
UK00002421427 TRUMP INTERNATIONAL GOLF LINKS SCOTLAND 09/05/2006 Registered 36 37 41 43  
UK00002472924 TRUMP ATTACHÉ 21/11/2007 Registered 45  
UK00002474210 THE SPA AT TRUMP 05/12/2007 Registered 44  
UK00002497100 TRUMP 09/09/2008 Registered 36  
UK00003040832 MACLEOD HOUSE & LODGE 05/02/2014 Registered 43  
UK00003040840 NUMQUAM CONCEDERE 05/02/2014 Registered 18 24 25 28 36 41 43 44
UK0002355216A TRUMP INTERNATIONAL GOLF CLUB 06/02/2004 Registered 18 25  
UK0002355216B TRUMP INTERNATIONAL GOLF CLUB 06/02/2004 Registered 24 28 41  
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