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Star Wars strikes- action against Lightsaber school

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 19 October 2016

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The Star Wars phenomenon strikes again, this time against a school that teaches how to use and fight with Lightsabers.

Lucasfilm, who are now part of Disney, are taking action against a business and its subsequent online platform, citing trademark infringement and unfair competition.

The action is against Michael Brown who runs a number of businesses including New York Jedi as well as running the site LightsaberAcademy.com.

Following a number of cease and desist letters sent by Lucasfilm that were ignored, after Brown submitted an application to register Lightsaber Academy Inc. as a trade mark, the action was submitted.

The submission form Lucasfilm states that the defendants regularly use Lucasfilm registered trade marks without authorisation, including a logo that is confusingly similar to their trade mark, the Jedi Order logo.

The submission also goes on to stress the lack of licenses or permission given to use the marks and references that their businesses have been built on, therefore ensuring that the defendant could not use a permission defence.

Lucasfilm is claiming damages which could potentially be as much as $2 million for each trade mark infringed as well as profits made through the use of Lucasfilm’s intellectual property.

Another example of the power an institution like Lucasfilms and the Star Wars franchise can have.

It would be our advice to keep completely clear of any Star Wars references, otherwise it could be an expensive business!

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