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Spotify Under Fire

Written by Jody Tsigarides on 02 August 2011

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It has been reported that legal action has been taken against the owners of Spotify for Patent infringement.

Spotify is the latest success story over the internet which offers users access to thousands of songs and albums. The music is then streamed over the internet to devices such as PCs and smart phones.

However it has been reported that 'PacketVideo' who own 2 patents dating from 1995 have begun proceedings against Spotify for infringement of these patents. The patents are said to cover the functionality of a particular method of streaming music over data networks.

It is also believed that the two parties attempted to settle the matter before court proceedings but that this was not fruitful. It is reported that a claim has been issued in the US and Europe.

This will certainly be an interesting case to follow and a lot is at stake for both parties.

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