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Spotify Sued for Patent Infringement

Written by Nisha Parmar on 01 August 2011

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Just two weeks after entering the US market, Spotify, a popular music streaming program, has been targeting by company PacketVideo for infringing at least two of its patents. PacketVideo, which filed for these particular patents in 1995, is claiming that streaming music online breaches one of their patents. A description of the main patent in question is "a device for the distribution of music information in digital form"; a patent clearly written in very broad terms. Whether a claim against Spotify will succeed on the basis of this patent will be an interesting case to follow. PacketVideo allegedly informed Spotify of the patents in May, which Spotify seem to have ignored.

Spotify remains certain it has not infringed PacketVideo's patents and that its program is based on its own innovation and hybrid technology. Although we await the response from the court, PacketVideo will most likely be seeking an injunction against Spotify and damages for the supposedly wilful infringement of the patents in question.

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