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Registering a design? shall I go with the OHIM or the UK?

Written by Paul Bicknell on 01 May 2009

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This article will assess whether it is more prudent to register with the OHIM or the UK .

If the client is not sure of the area that he wants to register his design in, but wishes to register in either the UK or OHIM; it may be better to advise the client to register with the OHIM. This is because once registered the client will have a design right which is community wide; it may also be more cost effective for the client.

However, were the client wants to be protected in the UK only then it is of course better to register in the UK. Today the benefits in registering with the OHIM are clearly represented in the fact that registration in the UK has been declining steadily whilst at the same time registrations have been increasing.

In conclusion it appears better for the client to register their design with the OHIM.

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