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Pubs watch out- the Premiership is about!

Written by Michael Coyle on 28 May 2016

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But this week the authorities are reported to be seeking to clamp down further as reported today in https://torrentfreak.com/police-conducting-worlds-largest-pirate-box-crackdown-160528/

If I am a publican can I show matches without a licence from BT or Sky etc ?


What laws am I breaking?

You will be infringing the Prem's copyright in the artistic and musical works as well as video and sound recordings. This will be contrary to copying under sections 16(1)(a) and 17 of CDPA; Performing, showing or playing in public under sections 16(1)(c) and 19 of CDPA; and Communicating to the public under sections 16(1)(d) and 20 of CDPA.

Can I get around this?

I suggest you cover the logos and and graphics and turn the sound off. Do not charge an admission fee and you can have do this from home as there is no communication to the public. That said how can you watch a game though without the logos - it would defeat the purpose.

So if I'm caught what do I do?

Limit the damage. Remove the box and seek legal advice. You may have to pay something but it will be considerably less than that originally sought if you do seek legal advice.  

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