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No patent infringement by Google Earth

Written by Jane Coyle on 05 April 2007

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The American company Skyline Software Systems provides a three-dimensional mapping program over the internet. Skyline was of the opinion that Google’s ‘Google Earth’ infringed their intellectual property rights.  

An American court in Boston, however, has rejected the suit. The judge responsible founded the judgement on the basis that Google’s program differentiated itself from the Skyline patent with respect to its main function. Apart from that, he did not consider the petitions from both warring parties to do with the question of whether the perinent patents were legally valid. The companies will certainly be able to submit new suits on this particular point.

Skyline has held its patent, by which data from a three-dimensional environment can be used, since 2002. In 2004, the company had complained against the Keyhole company who were bought up in the same year by Google and whose product has been marketed by the search machine as ‘Google Earth’.

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