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Potential Patent problems for Nike’ new fitness app

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 23 January 2018

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As the world becomes more health conscious, the world of sports accessories and technology continue to collide.

The latest piece of technology every sport fanatic is looking for is a tracker which keeps the user up to date in respect of a number of sport stats, including heart rate, steps and calorie burn.

This continued monitoring allows the user to track their progress and achieve certain goals.

Sports giant Nike have got involved in the competitive fitness tracker market but have potentially got themselves in patent hot water over their product.

Personal Beasties Group (PBG), who are a US company, have alleged that Nike has infringed their US patent in the creation of their fitness tracker.

The patent in question is titled ‘interactive system for personal life patterns’ and covers the appearance of a motivational animated character in order to aid the users to reach their targets, as the app tracks the users progress.

PBG has accused Nike of using this patent in their product of Nike+ FuelBand, through which a notification is sent to the user when they have reached a goal which may include an animated character.

It will be interesting to see how Nike will come out of this, as in the past they have had mixed success in regards to patents.

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