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What a copycat: UKIP in potential lion clash with Premier League

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 06 October 2017

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After success in the Brexit referendum in 2016, political arty UKIP have pushed for a re-brand. However, it seems they did not plan the re-brand very well as they may have potential trade mark problems.

UKIP are known for being the purple and yellow political party, who used a pound symbol as their emblem.

In a bid to ensure they are still regarded as relevant, UKIP have pushed for a rebrand. Sticking with the purple theme, it was revealed that their new emblem would be a lion’s head.

However, after the reveal, it wasn’t long before the public was making comparisons. This time the comparisons were not against other political parties but in relation to the new lion head design.

It seems the new UKIP logo looks suspiciously similar to the longstanding logo used by the Premier League.

There has been no word from the Premier League as of yet confirming whether they will take legal action. Especially as their Lion’s head is a protected trade mark. However, it has been reported that their legal team have been made aware and are investigating.

UKIP have gone on record to say that they do not feel the comparisons are founded and they were well aware of existing trade mark rights before making the decision on the logo.

Time will tell if this case will turn into a cat fight.

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