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Kaiser Thiefs

Written by Michael Coyle on 27 February 2014

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Popular Indie band Kaiser Chiefs has been accused of copyright infringement by Sturmey Archer, the bicycle manufacturer. The new album released by the band is somewhat similar to the historic logo of the company. The band denies the infringement and state that it is homage to Britain’s heritage.

The supporters of the historical bike manufacturers have dubbed the band "Kaiser Thiefs" for their remix of the firm’s famous logo.

The band wanted to encompass the idea of "Britishness" for the album and had decided that one of the best options was to mimic the logo of a historic and entirely British bicycle manufacturer. The band did not wish to upset the company but merely pay homage to their legacy.

Kaiser Chiefs did not attempt to contact Sturmey Archer in relation to their plans nor did they respond to further enquiries from the company.


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