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IPEC awards record amount of damages in Patent Infringement Case

Written by Thomas Mould on 02 February 2016

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£500,000 has been awarded to AP Racing, part of motorsport brake manufacturer Freni Bembo in a patent infringement case.

It is thought to be the highest-ever damages claim awarded by a judge at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

AP Racing, who are based in Coventry, introduced and patented a range of brake callipers in 2007.

Rival manufacturer Alcon components introduced a similar device in 2009.

AP Racing sued Alcon for patent infringement. Having been successful in their case in 2014, they sought an injunction stopping the sale of the infringing brake callipers and further financial compensation.

The Court ruled in the favour of Kempner & Partners and AP Racing's case.

It stated that every calliper sold by Alcon's US distributor made after the publication of the patent, represented a lost sale for AP Racing.

It is highly unusual for IPEC to award damages at this level however clearly if the situation merits it, like above, IPEC has the jurisdiction to award these damages.


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