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IP crisis for the NFL

Written by Niamh Dixon-Year 11 Student on 18 September 2018

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The NFL is well known across the world, the name alone is instantly recognizable, so why is it that such a well-known group has been caught using player faces without permission. Three US sports stars, including retired basketball player Nick Anderson and former boxer Riddick Bowe have had their images used in a marketing campaign without their permission.

 The crime in question occurred in December 2017 and according to the world sports alumni (WSA) despite requests to remove the material it wasn’t taken down until January 2018. It was only then removed as the images were marketing to promote the celerity pro bowl party which was no longer needed after the party in January. The NFL then allegedly went on to use the name and image of Bandon Meriweather, an NFL player, in the same January to promote a pre-match party and a similar story of events unfolded.

The WSA, who promotes former and current professional athletes across all sports, filled a complaint on September 5 against the NFL and the NFL Alumina association, suing them. According to them the marketing was unauthorized and that there was no signed agreement to use the players images. The WSA is seeking damages and relief for the three players and have accused the NFL for failing to protect the sportsmen privacy.

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