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Disney/Pixar sued yet again over ‘inside out’

Written by Rosie Hanley, a year 10 student at Priestlands School on 27 June 2018

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Disney and Pixar have again received another copyright lawsuit filed by someone who claims the 2015 movie ‘inside out’ storyline was their original idea.

This time it’s a Canadian man called Damon Pourshian. The suit was filed in federal court in California. Pourshian says he wrote a script tiled “inside out” in 1999 as part of a screen writing class he attended in collage. The script was then turned into a short film the next year.

The suit expresses that the school that Damon Pourshian attended and where the film was created, Sheridan College, “has sent large numbers of its graduates to work at Disney and Pixar and is considered a ‘feeder’ school for Disney and Pixar.”

“When Mr. Pourshian saw Disney/Pixar’s ‘Inside Out,’ he noticed striking similarities between his work and that of Disney/Pixar,” states the lawsuit.

“Mr. Pourshian later learned of the many connections between his alma mater, Sheridan College, and both Disney and Pixar, including a number of students who were at Sheridan College at the time his short film was shown and went on to work on Disney/Pixar’s ‘Inside Out.'”

The suit goes on to read that Pourshian’s work tells “the story of the reactions of a boy named Lewis to events in his everyday life, illustrated through anthropomorphized representations of his bodily organs that influence (and react to) his actions, as seen from the inside of Lewis’s body.”

Apparently Pourshian wasn’t the only one to notice the similarities as his old class mates reportedly called him to say how alike the two films are.

This isn’t the initial instance where Disney and Pixar have had legal action against their movie ‘inside out’, it has happened 2 previous times. One by Denise Daniels, which has been written about on this site before, and by Carla J. Masterson, a child development expert. Both cases beforehand are similar to this suit as they all claim the movie was based of their innovative concepts.

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