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How do I register my design?

Written by Jane Coyle on 29 October 2008

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How to register a design

If you want to register a design you have to apply to the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO). An application for design registration requires just a few illustrations showing different views of the design and some information about how the design might be applied.

The design's creation must involve freedom of design, for example it must be created by free thought and not simply by copying key elements from other designs.

You can apply to register one or more designs at the same time, completing a single form and paying only one registration fee.

Your application will be examined within two months of its receipt and, providing there are no objections, your registration will normally be granted within two to three months of application.

You can apply for registration any time up to 12 months from marketing your design but it can make good business sense to apply as early as possible.

Getting advice

Design registration can be a complex area of law and it is advisable to seek advice from a law firm specialising in design law and other intellectual property rights.

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