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Founder of UK online bookmaker arrested by US

Written by Yangyang Li on 04 April 2007

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New York bookmaker Gary Kaplan, who went on to found BetOnSports, a successful online gambling company based in the UK, was arrested has been arrested in the Dominican Republic and faces extradition to the US under a new anti-gambling law. He will also face trial on outstanding charges that pre-date that law. 

Kaplan has been wanted in the US on racketeering charges and since the passing last autumn of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Prohibition (UIGP) Act he is likely to face charges under that legislation.

Kaplan was based in Costa Rica, which does not have an extradition agreement with the US. He was deported to neighbouring Puerto Rico, a US territory, where he will face a US judge. Prosecutors allege that BetOnSports accepted $3.5 billion worth of illegal bets from US gamblers. 

The US was censured this week by the World Trade Organisation, which ruled that the US broke free trade rules in banning online gambling processing abroad.

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