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European Registered Designs and Publication

Written by Jane Coyle on 15 September 2008

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A Registered Design application will be registered once the requirements for a registered Community design have been fulfilled and the application has not been refused. OHIM will then register the application in the Community Design Register as a registered Community design. The registration date will be the date of filing of your application. Once the design has been registered, it will be published in the Community Designs Bulletin. OHIM will then issue the registration certificate. On request, OHIM will provide further certified or uncertified copies of the certificate, upon payment of a fee. At any time during the deferment period, up to a maximum of 27 months, the applicant can request (by post or fax) the publication. The fee for publication following deferment has to be paid within a maximum of 27 months at the latest from the date of filing (or from the date of priority, if any). The fee is EUR 120 for the publication of a single application, i.e. one design. For multiple applications, the fees vary. If the owner does not pay the publication fee within the deadline, the registered Community design right will not be published and will be lost.

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