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Disney in patent problems over ‘Magic Bands’

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 01 March 2017

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The world is in love with Disney.

And nothing is more Disney that Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

If anyone has made the trip across the Atlantic to experience of the world of magic, small children and adults in costumes, you will know about Magic Bands.

To access anything in the parks, you are issued with a card. This allows a visitor to enter the park and all the rides on site. However, for avid Disney visitors, the card is too much of an inconvenience.

Step forward the magic band.

A magic band is a replacement for your card that you can wear on your wrist, allowing you to scan into rides quicker and easier.

It is a must have for any frequently returning Disney fanatic but how long will they last.

Disney has patent problems over their much loved accessory.

Three brothers, who are owners of US patent 6,490,443 have issued proceedings against Disney claiming that their patent has been infringed.

The patent is described as protecting “novel systems in which electronic devices can communicate wirelessly to provide and/or receive services from other electronic devices when they are within proximity of each other”.

The brothers are asking for a permanent injunction, damages and costs. It is unclear if Magic bands will be able to be sold if Disney fails to defend the claim.

As the claim was only filed last week, it may be a while until a conclusion can be reached as patents can be very complex.

Lawdit as always will bring you the up to date news as it is released.

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