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Burberry burn products on a large scale for brand protection

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 19 July 2018

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Burberry, one of the most recognised high end fashion brands, have stated they have destroyed millions of pounds worth of products last year to protect their strong brand.

To prevent unsold stock being sold at a cheap price or being stolen, which can cause a problem for their brand image as being a high end and sought after producer of products, the brand destroy them.

Last year’s destruction racked up a bill of £28.6 million; bringing the total over the last five years to over £90 million.

After concerns in respect of the environment, Burberry has ensured that the energy in respect of the burning has been harnessed.

Having a number of signature styles and fabrics such as the Burberry Check, has lead to Burberry becoming a victim to large scale counterfeit products being created and sold.

Their latest actions are a way to tackle this and the prevention of the dilution of their exclusive brand.

It seems this is something that others in the same industry also do, as Richemont, which owns the Cartier and Montblanc brands, has had to buy back £430million worth of watches over the last two years.

It will be interesting to see if this has the desired impact, and will be the way forward to tackle counterfeit products flooding the market.

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