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A Brief Overview of Registered Designs

Written by Jody Tsigarides on 11 November 2009

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A Registered Design protects the overall impression of a design, product or drawing.

It is an invaluable and somewhat inexpensive protection and assists in protecting those works which, whilst are protected by Copyright, benefit from extra protection.

A registered design is relatively cost effective, quick and easy.

What can i protect with a registered design?

A Registered Design can protect designs, drawings, images, diagrams, or even (via photographs) the overall impression of an object. The only requirement is that the design is not generic or custom in the UK.

So for example, a registered design for a pair of jeans is likely to fail. However, a registered design for a pair of jeans with a picture on each leg and jewellery accessories may succeed.

Unlike a trade mark (which protects a term in certain fields of industry), a Registered Design provides total protection against a third party using that design when applied to anything at all.

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