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Who is the Land Registry and what is their role?

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 13 June 2019

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A body that you will always come across, no what the subject of your property matter.

When buying or selling a property, you may think that the other people you need to consider is the person on the other side and the solicitors involved. You would be wrong.

There is a big Land Registry shaped hole missing from that thought.

The Land Registry are the government body who deal with all property matters in England and Wales.

Their main role is to maintain the property register, where all properties who have changed hands since 2002 details are outlined in a register entry. This register makes it easy for any buyer to see exactly what is going on with a property they are interested in.

When making any changes to a property, the Land Registry requires an application to be made to them, which they will consider and either accept or deny.

The Land Registry are governed by Property law as well as their own rules and guidelines and deal will a large number of applications and queries each day.

Before the Land Registry was set up, the rights over property and who owned them were only detailed in the property deeds, which were printed on paper and could easily be lost or tampered with.

Since 2002, all property that is transferred from one owner to another has to be registered with Land Registry and this should eventually build a complete picture of the property across England and Wales.

If you instruct us to assist you, we will deal with the Land Registry on your behalf and ensure all of your questions are answered and requirements satisfied.

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