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At last I can find who owns that domain

Written by Michael Coyle on 09 November 2013

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ICANN's new WHOIS website will at some point include an integrated search function. The website can be found whoisicann.org and it will seek to make life easier to understand who is the legal registrant, how to access existing WHOIS information and will it is hoped accurately reflect the history of the domain.

ICANN issued a statement:-

"The WHOIS directory service is an essential tool used by many people and organizations every day. Anyone who needs to know who is behind a website, domain name can look it up via WHOIS directory information. Network administrators, registry operators, domain name registrants, governments, law enforcement, consumer groups, and the international Internet community find it crucial.

In addition to identifying domain name holders, WHOIS data also allows network administrators and others to find and fix system problems and to maintain Internet stability. With it, they can determine the availability of domain names, combat spam or fraud, identify trademark infringement and enhance accountability of domain name registrants. WHOIS data is sometimes used to track down and identify registrants who may be posting illegal content or engaging in phishing scams"


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