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Huawei accused of conspiring to steal tech from US lab

Written by Laura Cannon- Solent University student on 13 May 2019

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At the end of last week it was announced that the American semiconductor company CNEX Labs accused Huawei of recruiting a Chinese professor to help steal trade secrets.  This occurred after Huawei had asked for one of the laboratory’s circuit boards as part of a research project that was being worked on. CNEX have claimed that despite a non-disclosure agreement with the professor, secret information including circuit board technical specifications were passed on to Huawei.

The court filing stated “Huawei took CNEX’s proprietary and trade secret information and shared it with the personnel developing Huawei’s SSD controllers in violation of representations made to CNEX and restrictions placed on the distribution of CNEX’s technical information.”

This is not the first time that CNEX and Huawei have been embroiled in a patent and trade secrets dispute; the most recent claim is the latest in a string of allegations made against Huawei. It was reported in January that that the US department of justice filed 23 criminal charges against the company, claiming that Huawei implemented a rewards system to incentivise employees to steal trade secrets from its competitors.

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