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TV and Movie industry have applied for one of the widest blocking injunctions...Ever!

Written by Samuel O'Toole on 18 July 2018

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Online media piracy is everywhere, without a doubt it is possible to say that most people have come across it in one form or another.

In Australia the Village Roadshow and a number of Hollywood companies have joined forces with Madam Entertainment Pty with the aim of obtaining a blocking injunction for a staggering 151 domains that are in cahoots with 77 pirate media websites.

The application has been filed with Australia’s Federal Court and ComputerWorld has stated that Telstra, Optus, Vocus and TPG (all internet service providers) are named as respondents.

The injunction is aiming to retrain the pirating and illegal distribution of a number of high flying movies and TV shows, including: Shameless, the Lego Movie and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Under Australia’s Copyright Act 1968 the internet service providers (ISP) and being requested to block access to a number of IPTV boxes.

TorrentFreak has reported that none of the ISPs have appeared in court and are content with the application of the law. In fact, the ISPs will even be given $50AUS per domain in assistance with the costs. Furthermore, they will also be able to decide upon their preferred blocking method.

However, blocking injunctions have been criticised in the past. One way in which the pirate sites can get around the block is by simply changing the domain from which they operate. This Australian injunction may become the world’s biggest game of cat and mouse!  

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