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Ariana Grande hit by copyright claim for using pictures of herself.

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 16 May 2019

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A copyright claim that has hit many celebrities including the Kardashians, singer Ariana Grande has been accused of using two pictures of herself on social media without the permission of the copyright owner.

No matter what the images display, the copyright owner is the photographer and they have the right to post the image and control who else has use of the image.

If you want to use an image that someone else owns, you need to request their permission which will normally come with a license fee to be paid.

In this case, the two photos posted by Grande on her Instagram were taken by Robert Barbera who claims his permission was not sought.

His claim is for $25,000.00 per picture, that both gained over 3 million likes in Instagram before being taken down.

No official response has been made by Grande’s team and it is likely to be settled without the need for the courts to get involved, but a lesson to all, you may not always own your own image.

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