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12 new issues for Intel: Patent infringement allegations.

Written by Fatima Amedu on 24 April 2019

Patent rights allow rightsholders to protect their intellectual inventions and legally pursue third parties that infringe their rights. In the evermore innovative world of technology, it has become increasingly more crucial for individual and companies to protect their goods/ services.
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Photographer sues Clorox over cat portraits

Written by Laura Cannon- Solent University student on 24 April 2019

On Tuesday 16th April a Law suit was filed by photographer Jill Greenberg who claims the advertising agency Dentsu McGarry Bowen and the consumer product manufacturer the Clorox Company allegedly misused licensed portraits of cats on glass.
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EU Council adopts copyright directive

Written by Laura Cannon- Solent University student on 16 April 2019

After months of deliberation and opposition the European Council has finally adopted the proposed copyright directive which was given the go ahead by EU parliament and lawmakers last month.
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Expanding the empire: Rihanna files trademark for ‘Fenty Skin’

Written by Sena Tokel, Student From Solent University on 12 April 2019

The powerhouse make-up and lingerie Fenty brand is growing. On March 25th, Rihanna filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to register “Fenty Skin”, giving indication that the singer might be extending her Fenty Beauty line.
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Stella McCartney faces trade mark battle over ‘Fur Free Fur’

Written by Demi- Leigh Mason, a student at Southampton Solent University on 10 April 2019

Stella McCartney, a vegetarian luxury brand, has been using the term ‘Fur Free Fur’ since 2001 for products which are typically made using a blend of sustainable materials such as modacrylic, cotton or polyester, to ‘incorporate the look and feel of fur but without any animal cruelty’.
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EU grants Irish Whiskey GI

Written by Laura Cannon- Solent University student on 08 April 2019

It was announced on April 2nd by the Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) that the European Commission has approved a geographical indication (GI) protecting the methods of producing Irish whiskey.
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Apple v Swatch: Swiss watchmaker wins trade mark dispute

Written by Sena Tokel, student from Southampton Solent University on 03 April 2019

Watchmaker Swatch group has triumphed in a legal battle with US tech giant Apple over the use of its “Tick Different” slogan which Apple has argued is an infringement of its “Think Different” advertising campaign.
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