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The Lawdit reading room is an up to date news resource containing legal news from around the world. Relevant, witty and up to date.

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Renewal of Scotch Whisky Trade Mark in China

Written by Mekael Rahman on 17 April 2018

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has successfully renewed their collective trade mark of the valuable spirit until 2028 and consequently, Scotch whisky will continue to be legally protected from locally produced Chinese copies.
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Sir Cliff Richard v BBC

Written by Samuel O'Toole on 13 April 2018

Whilst Sir Cliff was not charged with any offences, he is now suing the BBC on the basis that the raid caused “profound and long-lasting damage”.
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UK Government department in Queen image TM bid

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 12 April 2018

The UK Government department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has made an application with the UK Intellectual Property Office to protect an image of the Queen as a trade mark.
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Serious harm in the Supreme Court

Written by Samuel O'Toole on 06 April 2018

Independent Print Ltd, the unsuccessful defendant in the case of Lachaux v Independent Print Ltd [2017] EWCA Civ 1327 has been granted permission to appeal the Court of Appeal’s decision and subsequent application of Section 1(1) of the Defamation Act 2013
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Whois? Who-isn’t?

Written by Samuel O'Toole on 22 March 2018

Whois domain name search service may need to be shut down in order to comply with the GDPR
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