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Burberry Sue TJ Maxx

Written by Ben Evans on 12 March 2010

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Fashion brand Burberry is suing a cut price designer clothing retailer in the US.

TJ Maxx (TK Maxx on this side of the pond) have been accused of trying "to attract their target customer base and profit at Burberry's expense".

Burberry refer to its marks which "have become famous and serve to symbolise Burberry and its reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality luxury brand products". This seems a slightly odd approach, cases of fashion houses usually relate to design rights or copyright and not trade mark rights. TJ Maxx state that they are disspointed with the accusations and they have not tried to fool anyone into buying products believing that they were Burberry products, instead their view is that the products merely look similar.

Burberry are reportedly looking for TJ Maxx to destroy the offending merchandise and publish advertisements making it clear that the products are not Burberry products.

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