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Ofcom Revoke Adult TV Licence

Written by Jody Tsigarides on 26 November 2010

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The Office of Communications (Ofcom) which regulates communications in the UK has revoked the licence of 4 Adult TV channels.

Ofcom, who regulate the TV, Radio, fixed and mobile line telecoms has revoked the licences of the 4 channels after 60 breaches of the rules in 18 months.

Tease Me, Tease Me TV, Tease Me 2 and Tease Me 3 which are owned by Bang Channels Ltd and Bang Media Ltd have all had their licences revoked for 'transmitting content over a sustained period of time that was too sexually explicit for the time of day'.

The channels show female presenters attempting to encourage viewers to call premium phone lines in order to engage in chat with the on screen presenter. However it was deemed that the images shown in order to achieve this were too explicit to be shown before the watershed.

It is thought that Ofcom will now meet with all other broadcasters of similar content to ensure that no more rules are broken and that the broadcasters are 'clear how seriously Ofcom takes its duties in relation to the protection of television audiences and in particular children'.

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