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Clothing Retailer Told To Change Catalogue

Written by Jody Tsigarides on 06 April 2011

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Clothing Retailer Told To Change Catalogue

It has been reported this week that the well known clothing retailer, Jack Wills has been told by the Advertising Standards Authority to change its recent catalogue.

It is thought that 19 complaints were made about images contained within the catalogue.

The Spring Catalogue circulated by the clothing retailer contained a number of images which it described as 'positive fun' and sometimes 'flirtatious'. It also said that the catalogue was aimed at University Students who had to be 18 to request a copy.

However the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said that the images (one of which contained 2 topless models kissing) went over and above what could be considered to be fun and flirtatious as claimed.

It is understood that the retailer will now not reprint the offending catalogue.

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