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Website Escrow

Website Escrow Definition

Website escrow is where a third party that has been delegated responsibility for website management on behalf of a business deposits the code that makes up the website with an escrow agent. This ensures that the site will be updated and that new features will be deployed, in accordance with the website management agreement.

Website Management Agreements

A typical website maintenance agreement will require technical work to be undertaken, in addition to ensuring the website is functional and easily navigated. Web design often involves the planning and implementation of a specific architecture and this is not easily passed from one developer to another without access to the work of the original developer.

Advantages of Website Escrow

Website escrow deposits the underlying code which makes up a website with an escrow agent, together with any other information, such as logos, images, sound files and details of interactions with plug-ins required to properly display the information. It will also often require details of any application programming interfaces, or "APIs" to be deposited with an escrow agent. APIs are a set of programming instructions that allow content to be linked to by third parties. A typical example includes the Transport for London API, which allows for its Underground and bus timetables to be used by mobile app developers and travel update websites.

Website escrow affords a business certainty that its online presence will not be compromised by a developer failing to meet its obligations under a web maintenance agreement. It also ensures that, in the event of a breakdown in the relationship between the business and the developer, a new developer can be commissioned swiftly without having to expend considerable time and resources in understanding the previous developer's programming methods.

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