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Lawdit's company commercial department deals with a wide range of contractual matters, specialising in Intellectual Property Rights, Privity and IT Contracts. If you are an IT business, you need skilled and professional advice.

Lawdit is retained as in-house counsel for a number of small to medium sized enterprises. We often support much larger legal concerns with their day to day legal affairs or other specialist contractual matters.

Lawdit commercial solicitors can draft IT and Privity contracts to your particular needs or review contracts suppliers or customers want you to sign. We offer fixed fees wherever possible and strive to meet your desired turnaround times.

Who owns a copyright?

If you employ someone to carry out some work, the owner of the company is the owner of the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). If you commission the work then it is the sub-contractor who is the owner of the work, unless otherwise agreed.

N.B. Get yourself a copyright assignment- it should cost no more than £300+VAT

The Contracts (Rights Of Third Parties) Act 1999?

In brief, all contracts ought to reflect this legislation which seeks to reform the rule of "privity of contract"under which a person can only enforce a contract if he or she is a party to it. The rule means that, even if a contract is made with the purpose of conferring a benefit on someone who is not a party to it, that person (a "third party") has no right to sue for breach of contract.

This new law sets out the circumstances in which a third party is to have a right to enforce a term of the contract, the situations in which such a term may be varied or rescinded, and the defences available to the promisor when the third party seeks to enforce the term. Watch out for it in your contracts.

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