Trademark Fees

At Lawdit we operate a fixed fee policy. We do this as clients like to know where they stand and exactly how much they will be charged.

We do not charge for telephone calls, emails or photocopying. Before we conduct any works in relation to trade mark applications or registered trade marks we agree a fixed fee with our client and once agreed we conduct the works.

There are two sets of fees that you will need to pay to obtain a registered trade mark through Lawdit. The first is our fixed legal fees and the second are the trade mark registry’s fees. These are also fixed.

We also assist clients in obtaining trade marks at various trade mark registries around the world. We use agents who we work closely with to file your trade marks and obtain registered trade marks for you globally.

Registered trade marks will only remain valid if they are used and enforced. At Lawdit we can also enforce your registered trade marks whether you have rights at the UK trade mark registry or the EU trade mark registry. If your marks are registered in other countries, we have a network of experienced Attorneys worldwide who can deal with oppositions and infringement actions on the various registry databases.

Again our fees for contentious matters are fixed in the early stages and even if the matter goes to court we offer you various packages which detail the likely costs so that you can be aware at all times of the financial commitment.

We feel that it is important to be transparent and fair with our fees and our clients like working with us because of this.

UK Trade Mark

Search Fee - £125 +VAT

Fixed Legal fee - £350.00 +VAT

Official filing fee - £170.00 (No VAT) plus £50.00 thereafter for each additional classification.

(Usual duration 4 months)

EU Trade Mark

Search Fee - £125 +VAT

Fixed Legal fee - £550.00 +VAT

Official filing fee - €900.00 for 3 classes plus €150.00 thereafter for each set of 3 additional classifications.

(Usual duration 10 months)

USA Trade Mark

Search Fee - £175 +VAT

Fixed Legal fee - £750.00 +VAT

Official filing fee - $325.00 per classification.

(Usual duration 15 months).

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