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Registered Trademark Search

A registered trademark search is a vital part of the process. It is through the searching process that we can reveal whether your proposed mark is capable of registration. The raison d'etre of the search is to ascertain whether or not there exists an identical or similar registered trademark in the same or similar classes that you seek protection in. If you do not carry out a search then you are you are registering for a trademark 'blind' and significantly increase the risk of losing the filing fees or of an objection or opposition being raised.

Therefore if you are considering filing for a trademark, we strongly advise you carrying out a search in the territory that you intend to apply for. In order to carry out a search we will require from you a brief description of the good or services, together with your use within your industry. This will assist us when we decide the appropriate area to seek protection under.

Fixed Fees

We offer all of our clients fixed fees so that there are no hidden surprises. Our fees to search in the UK, EU and USA are as follows:

UK - £125 +VAT

EU - £125 +VAT

USA - £175 +VAT

Our UK Solicitors and in house US Attorney can have the results of the search to you within 48 hours as we know how important it is in a commercial environment to have such advice quickly. We will also be on hand immediately to discuss the results with you and discuss the strategy going forward and we do not charge extra for this.

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