We have a great deal of experience in the area of patent law and have access to a network of independent expert consultants who can help us ensure your patent application is as strong as possible.

Prior art search

A prior art search is performed by our research team to establish if there is anything in the public arena that might be relevant to your patent's claims of originality, i.e. - has anything like this already been invented? The search also allows us to assess if any features need development or expansion and plan a way forward for your application.

Commissioning a prior art search is not compulsory but it is highly advisable, as it gives us the chance to put forward a stronger application and helps you avoid unnecessary expense further down the line.


Unlike many patent solicitors, we offer you the security of a set fee service for our patent work, so all administrative work and communications with expert sources and the patent office are covered by one price, giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly how much your application and prior art search will cost.

To obtain a price for a prior art search, please download and complete our invention disclosure form and email, post or fax it to us. For application fees, please contact us for a set price.

Click here to read and download our guide to UK, EU and International patents.

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