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Submarine trade marks
A submarine trade mark application is first filed in a jurisdiction which does not have an online trade mark database. In turn this generally will...

EU Directive No. 2015/2436: Changes to UK trade mark law for 2019
Trademarks have not only become crucial in identifying the origins of goods/ service, but they have become a way to indicate to the customer the...

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Lawdit has a dedicated department that specialise in Company/Commercial transactions of all sizes. We offer a fast, friendly and efficient service at competitive fixed fees with national and international coverage. We are able to advise you in relation to share sales, asset sales and internet business transfers.

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We have a wide collection of legal documents which you can download and use as you see fit.

Remember these are legal precedents only and need to be bespoken before they are of any use to you. If you do opt to instruct us on any of these documents then we shall charge you out on a fixed hourly rate of £150+VAT per hour.