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The Lawdit reading room is an up to date news resource containing legal news from around the world. Relevant, witty and up to date.

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Europe v Facebook

Written by Sophie Amos, a Work Experience student at Lawdit Solicitors on 04 September 2014

Thousands join claim against Facebook for violating EU data protection laws
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Legal compliance on the web

Written by Michael Coyle on 31 August 2014

This month was a significant month in the history of the Internet. As it was 20 years ago in August 1991, that the World Wide Web became publicly available. Its creator, Tim Berners-Lee (as he was then), posted a short summary of the project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup and that was that...the world changed for ever. So how has the law kept up?
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Music Copyright

Written by Muhammed Poswall on 30 August 2014

The importance of copyright in music law The term copyright is defined as giving the holder of the copyright exclusive rights to do various acts. These rights include the right to copy, share and adapt that work. These rights can be licensed, transferred and/or assigned. Copyright promotes a creative culture and provides for affordable access to content of entertainment for the public. Thus the purpose of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 ('CDPA') creates a balance between the interests of those who invest their work and time in creating these works and the interests of those who wish to enjoy works created by others.
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Protecting fashion- its cool to rely on unregistered designs

Written by Michael Coyle on 30 August 2014

The fashion industry is always on the move. So an ideal way to protect copying is to seek to rely on a law introduced some ten years ago. Its known as the Community Design Regulation (6/2002/EC) and it introduced two forms of Community-wide design protection. Today I'm looking at unregistered design right.
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PatSnap targets patent business market

Written by Izaz Ali on 30 August 2014

Whilst Snapchat https://www.snapchat.com/ has been valued at billions another cool snap service has been launched targeting new innovation and Patents. PatSnap allows people to quickly search the database of hundreds of millions of patents granted worldwide.
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No heading please- its dangerous

Written by Michael Coyle on 30 August 2014

In what will be a significant blow for Marouane Fellaini a claim has been issued by a group of individuals in the USA against FIFA. The claim is founded on the risks of heading a football.
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Shakira song copied!

Written by Michael Coyle on 29 August 2014

A New York judge – Alvin Hellerstein has ruled that Shakira's hit song 'Loca' released in 2010 has infringed copyright laws.
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German news; no more emails out of hours

Written by Michael Coyle on 28 August 2014

The next time you are looking to buy a German business or are doing business in Germany be prepared for the possibility of not being able to email anyone out of hours.
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Zara shoots the sherrif!

Written by Michael Coyle on 28 August 2014

The importance of doing clearance searches on all aspects of IP was highlighted yesterday as the well known high street retailer Zara launched what it thought was a cool and trendy top - 'western' style, only to be faced with a barrage of criticism for the shirt's resemblance to the shirts worn by those in concentration camps during the Holocaust.
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