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Nutty Parents

Written by Michael Coyle on 26 January 2015

A French court intervenes and has barred a couple from naming their daughter Nutella after the popular hazelnut chocolate spread.
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P2P Patent-Apple files Patent

Written by Michael Coyle on 24 January 2015

Apple has sought to remove the threat of online piracy by obtaining a patent for a technology that allows people to legally share music and videos with friends.
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Unregistered Rights - where to sue

Written by Michael Coyle on 23 January 2015

Horrible problem for anyone - where to sue? Especially when an unregistered right like copyright has been allegedly infringed online, where and what court has jurisdiction to decide the resulting case?
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Barret Brown finally sentenced

Written by Inam Ali on 23 January 2015

Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months. After serving some 31 months in prison todate Barret Brown so called member of Anonymous was sentenced to a further 63 months. He was also ordrered pay $890,000.
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Private Landlords Beware

Written by Rehana Ali on 23 January 2015

Since April 2007, landlords have been under an obligation to protect deposits paid under an assured shorthold tenancy, a recent decision by the Court of Appeal indicates that this rule may now even apply before the scheme even started?
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Rihanna wins appeal against Topshop

Written by Michael Coyle on 22 January 2015

Rihanna, the world famous pop star, wins appeal about the sale of fashion garments by Topshop bearing her image. Background During one of Rihanna’s photoshoots to promote her "Talk That Talk" a photographer ( the owner of the work) took a photo and licensed it to Topshop. In 2012 Topshop began to sell in its stores and through its website a fashion t-shirt with the image of Rihanna.
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Data Protection news

Written by Michael Coyle on 20 January 2015

2015 means a new edition of Data Protection News from the Information Commissioner. This month's edition reminds us that it is 10 years since the Freedom of Information ('FOI') Act being fully implemented, how CCTV is regulated and some views as to how to get a search engine to remove the dodgy stuff
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Netflix blocks access to VPNs

Written by Rehana Ali on 20 January 2015

The online streaming service has confirmed it is utilising measures to stop its customers from illegally accessing services in countries outside the UK.
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Buying a business – considering some of the key issues

Written by Mekael Rahman on 20 January 2015

In order to foster the development of one’s business, an undertaking may wish to expand by acquisition. The buyer should consequently have an intelligible strategy that warrants the purchase and provides the necessary criteria for finding a suitable target. It is also imperative that one determines their maximum spending amount and devises a timetable for executing the acquisition.
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Je Suis OHIM

Written by Michael Coyle on 18 January 2015

OHIM has stepped in over the Je Suis Charlie trade mark filings
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Oscar Nominees published. Pirates delight

Written by Michael Coyle on 17 January 2015

As night follows day as soon as the oscar lists are produced - see here- http://oscar.go.com/nominees then the same films are uploaded and the DVDs find themselves on the torrents sites for download. But how?
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DKH Retail Ltd v H. Young (Operations) Ltd

Written by Thomas Mould on 17 January 2015

DKH Retail have claimed that their registered designs have been infringed in relation to their SUPERDRY Gilets. The Defendants in this case have imported and sold infringing gilets with the brand name ANIMAL.
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AndyMurray launches his own logo

Written by Michael Coyle on 16 January 2015

Andy Murray was the first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years. So following in the footsteps of Ronaldo ( CR7) and his fellow tennis stars Federer and Nadal he has launched his own brand
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Student Cleared in Landmark 3D Movie Piracy Case

Written by Rehana Ali on 15 January 2015

In a unique never before heard case, a student has been cleared of charges that accused him of attempting to make a pirate copy of a 3D movie, on the ground that there was no legal basis for the claim.
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