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The Lawdit reading room is an up to date news resource containing legal news from around the world. Relevant, witty and up to date.

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Scottish Labour Party Trade Mark Attempt

Written by Thomas Mould on 04 July 2015

Labour councillor Dennis Goldie applied last year to secure the name ‘Scottish Labour Party’ as a trade mark in the hope it would be used by a new stand-alone organisation.
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Nobody on the Internet knows you're a dog!

Written by Michael Coyle on 04 July 2015

Back in the day the EU member states agreed that in order to promote trust online for both commercial and retail purposes Internet users would require protection by way of legislation.
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EU Trade Mark Reform

Written by Sam O'Toole on 03 July 2015

After two years of discussions the EU is set to reform the EU Trade Mark Directive (2008/95/EC) and Regulation (207/2009/EC).
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What is a trade mark ?

Written by Abbas Majid on 02 July 2015

Hi my name is Abbas Majid. I am a year 10 student studying at St George's Catholic school in Southampton. I have been studying trade marks at Lawdit and here is my first article..enjoy!
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Letters of Claim in Intellectual Property

Written by Michael Coyle on 02 July 2015

Intellectual Property relates to a number of registered and unregistered rights in the first part one of the series concerning letters of claim we shall focus on design rights.
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French magazine fined for encouraging piracy

Written by Michael Coyle on 30 June 2015

A french court found that a popular magazine had encouraged piracy when it advertised via its magazine the advert “the best software and websites to download for free.” The magazine is “Téléchargement” a compute magazine.
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Design protection Can a shoe be protected?

Written by Michael Coyle on 30 June 2015

The short answer is yes of course! In the UK by unregistered design right ('UKUDR') and/or a Community unregistered design right ('CUDR'). The primary piece of legislation covering the CUDR is that set out in Council Regulation (EC) No 6/2002 of 12 December 2001 on Community designs ('the Regulations').
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What is the number one?

Written by Sam O'Toole on 29 June 2015

Three Judges in the Court of Appeal recently deliberated on the meaning of the number one in a patent case.
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Lego mark upheld

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 23 June 2015

Lego has succeeded in its battle to uphold the Community trade mark which it owns in relation to the well-known yellow figurine after a competitor questioned its status.
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