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The Lawdit reading room is an up to date news resource containing legal news from around the world. Relevant, witty and up to date.

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Exclusion Clause Fails

Written by Mark Reed on 17 March 2017

Impact Funding Solutions Ltd took action against a firm of Solicitors over claims that the solicitors were obliged to indemnify them after they went into liquidation, even though an exclusion clause within the terms agreed with the indemnity insurers stated they could not recover losses as a third party.
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The Premier League has obtained an injunction that is top of the game

Written by Samuel O'Toole on 17 March 2017

The Premier League owns the copyright in the in the television footage of all Premier League matches. Unsurprisingly, they are not happy about the fact that unauthorised live streams of matches are delivered to the public via Kodi and other devices and now the Premier League want to block these live streams in real time.
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Potential Patent problems for Lego

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 14 March 2017

Toy giant Lego has potential problems after another toy manufacturer has started proceedings claiming that Lego has infringed two of their registered patents.
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Hopkins hit with Libel loss

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 14 March 2017

Katie Hopkins, a woman well known for her offending statements and outbursts of honesty, has been hit with a loss over the libel case brought against her was awarded against her.
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Contempt of court

Written by Mark Reed on 11 March 2017

This case was between JSC Bank and Mr Ablyazov (D1) and his son in-law (D2).
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Twitter is not the wild west

Written by Michael Coyle on 11 March 2017

Katie Hopkins was left counting the cost of two tweets £16,000 and £8000 respectively, after she yesterday lost a defamation case...but if you live by the sword....
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