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Deal done Warner Bros and Innovative Artists

Written by Samuel O'Toole on 24 February 2017

The talent agency, Innovative Artists, obtained the screener DVDs legally on behalf of its clients. The disks were then put through ripping software and copied to the talent agency’s own digital distribution platform.
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Commercial Agent Regulations extends its interpretation of the promotion of software as a sale of ‘goods’.

Written by By Mark Reed on 22 February 2017

The definition of a ‘commercial agent’ in regulation 2(1) of the council directive regulations 1993 for commercial agents can now be extended to software. This means that when an agreement has been entered between a company and an agent, for the promotion of various types of software, the agent will be entitled to claim for compensation under regulation 17(2).
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Another stripe battle: Adidas v Puma

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 22 February 2017

The ‘three stripe’ trade mark owned by sports brand Adidas has been the source of much contention over the past few years, with them bringing multiple actions against potential infringers.
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Employment Law case: Court of Appeal decides a self-employed person in fact has ‘worker’ status.

Written by By Mark Reed on 21 February 2017

Mr Smith worked as a self-employed operative for over 6 years for Pimlico Plumbers, with an understanding from both parties that he was an independent contractor who owned his own business and used his own tools, but with a specific arrangement with PPL. After a heart attack, Smith took action against Pimlico for wrongful dismissal. The Court of Appeal deemed his employment status a 'worker'.
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Facebook to muscle in on TV with new app

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 15 February 2017

Becoming a potential threat for the likes of Netflix and YouTube, Facebook have announced today, amongst other news, that they will be releasing an app which focuses on TV.
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Royal butler succeeds in action against misuse of private information.

Written by Mark Reed on 04 February 2017

The claimant was a butler for the royal family and worked under them for over 21 years. In 2002, various meetings took place between the claimant and the defendant, a prominent and successful public relations consultant. Throughout these meetings, the claimant sent a letter to the defendant with information of his relationship with the royals, and specifically the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. This letter was then faxed through to a newspaper, and although it wasn’t published, the claimant sought action for breach of confidence and the misuse of private information.
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Punitive damages for IP infringements can be provided for by EU countries

Written by Thomas Mould on 03 February 2017

Punitive damages for IP infringements can be provided for by EU countries, rules EU court Businesses that infringe the intellectual property rights of others can be ordered to pay damages that value multiple what it would have cost them to licence the use of that IP legitimately, the EU's highest court has said. The Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) said EU law does not preclude EU countries from drawing up national legislation that provides for punitive damages to be awarded to rights holders where their IP has been infringed.
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Beatle battle for copyright recovery in hits

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 01 February 2017

After a failure by band Duran Duran to recover the rights to songs that they previously had assigned to other party, Paul McCartney of Beatles fame is making an attempt to do the same.
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