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How to cancel a trade mark. Part 2

Written by Michael Coyle on 15 April 2014

More on trade marks and the rights of cancellation. In order to apply for a declaration of invalidity on absolute grounds, any natural or legal person can apply to invalidate a trade mark.
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New stance taken by rightsholders to combat piracy

Written by Rehana Ali on 15 April 2014

Creative industries are now making efforts to curtail the advertising revenues generated by pirate websites. The previous strategy of pursuing individual file sharers had proven fruitless, rightsholders have now decided it is time to focus on the money.
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Getty, Copyright and settlement

Written by Michael Coyle on 15 April 2014

Getty Images is the worldwide renowned image database which offers for by way of license millions of images for sale. So what happens if you receive a letter from Getty/debt collectors/solicitors threatening you with a claim? ....Well read on............
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How to cancel a trade mark

Written by Michael Coyle on 12 April 2014

Yipppee!!!! "I have a trade mark is it now completely safe and secure?" Well no, it can be attacked in a number of ways. Read on.................
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Who ate all the pies?

Written by Michael Coyle on 11 April 2014

Danny Mills is helping himself to the pies, Cornish ones to be precise. Former City ace and England Right back - saves the West Cornwall Pasty Company.
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Wonga get it wronga?

Written by Michael Coyle on 11 April 2014

Wonga got themselves in a tizzy and threatened Twitter with a cease and desist notice over a dig at its services from a twitter user. As a result the story exploded all over the Internet and what would have been a story passing through, became instant news and a story which everyone is now talking about. Its known as the Streisand effect http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Streisand_effect
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Buying or Selling a Business

Written by Shrmeen Qadri, an under-graduate student of Law on 07 April 2014

A guide to selling or purchasing a business and the importance of the Due Diligence process
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Software patents- final decision

Written by Michael Coyle on 01 April 2014

Yesterday the US supreme court will consider when software is eligible for patent protection. Arguments will be heard from lawyers for Alice Corporation, which holds patents for a computer system that facilitates financial transactions. Other parties such as Google, Dell, and Verizon have all filed legal papers weighing in on the issue.
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Preparing a Bundle for Court

Written by Michael Coyle on 30 March 2014

Going to Court can be a daunting matter and there are many things that have to be sorted before the trial. One of the most important is the bundle, this contains all the documents relating to the case which gives the Judge a proper view of the case and access to the documents that are to be relied upon. A Bad bundle will result in a lost case. A good bundle will often result in a positive outcome and a happy Judge. Always keep the Judge happy!
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New Copyright legislation from June

Written by Michel Coyle on 30 March 2014

Five new regulations are set to become new law in the UK from 1st June 2014. They are all connected with copyright and the exceptions to copyright law. The following draft regulations were issued: •The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Quotation and Parody) Regulations 2014 •The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Personal Copies for Private Use) Regulations 2014 •The Copyright (Public Administration) Regulations 2014 •The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Research, Education, Libraries and Archives) Regulations 2014 •The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Disability) Regulations 2014
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Atvod and Porn

Written by Michael Coyle on 29 March 2014

The UK industry regulator for television on demand ATVOD has called for age checks on all sites that show pornography. They are concerned that children must be protected. A study was carried out by Nielsen and the results were staggering......................
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Porn hits the headlines again

Written by Michael Coyle on 29 March 2014

ATVOD the regulatory body that governs television on demand has called for the law to be changed to require pornography sites to carry out age checks before granting access. ATVOD was concerned that the government must act to protect children from seeing graphic adult material. It said that it was "critical the legislation is enacted during this Parliament". To back up its demand, the body requested data from market research firm Nielsen, which routinely monitors the general online habits of a volunteer panel of 45,000 desktop PC and laptop users across the UK. The survey indicated that, over the course of one month: 6% of children aged 15 years or younger had accessed an adult website 5% of visitors to such sites had been under-18 One website alone had been visited by 112,000 boys in the UK aged between 12 and 17-years-old Of the wider population, 23% of those who had used the net over the month had visited an adult site Visitors to adult sites spent an average of 15 minutes looking at them during each visit and typically clocked up two-and-a-half hours of time in total over the month Atvod added that the survey probably underestimated the scale of the issue since smartphone and tablet use was not included in the figures.
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Not so much Turkish delight Twitter banned

Written by Michael Coyle on 28 March 2014

Move to Turkey and avoid Twitter and You Tube For those twitterer haters-if you leave these shores and wish to avoid twittering or tubing as you watch two kittens in mittens falling in and out of a cup of coffee then move to Turkey. Apparently the Turkish authorities believe that banning social media will have a positive affect on their countries progress. Silly.
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Employment Tribunals and CPR Rules on Witness Statements

Written by Rehana Ali on 28 March 2014

A witness statement created for the purpose of a hearing must deal with all the issues an Employment Tribunal must consider in relation to a parties claim. The following article details the required form and content of a witness statement according to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR).
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Kent Police fined by ICO

Written by Aasim Durrani on 27 March 2014

Kent Police have been fined £100,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office for breaching data protection laws
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New EU powers to seize counterfeit goods

Written by Michael Coyle on 26 March 2014

New laws have been approved by the European Parliament to extend national authorities powers within the European Union (EU) to seize and confiscate counterfeit goods travelling through Europe even if they are destined for a non-EU country.
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