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The Lawdit reading room is an up to date news resource containing legal news from around the world. Relevant, witty and up to date.

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Reynolds Privilege protects Times Newspaper in Libel case.

Written by Mark Reed on 24 January 2017

The claimant was a Member of Parliament who was approached by a journalist posing as a representative of a consultancy firm. The journalist filmed a meeting and then published articles which stated that the claimant had acted scandalously, and shown himself willing to abuse his position in Parliament. The claimant issued proceedings against the publisher of the newspaper for Libel, and the newspaper relied on the defence of Reynolds privilege, and justification and honest comment.
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The Rule in Foss v Harbottle rears its head once more.

Written by Mark Reed on 24 January 2017

A fiduciary duty refers to the highest standard of care that one person owes to another. The person who has a fiduciary duty is called the fiduciary, and the person to who is owed the duty, is the beneficiary. If someone breaches the fiduciary duties, they would need to account for the deceitful profits gained.
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Tomlin orders- what do I need to know?

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 18 January 2017

When considering taking a matter to court, IP or otherwise, it can seem quite daunting. A main part of this is the jargon and confusing words and phrases that are only used in legal land.
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The rebranding of an old lady

Written by Michael Coyle on 17 January 2017

Juventus Football Club S.p.A., colloquially known as Juve, is a professional Italian association football club based in Turin, Piedmont....it has rebranded....
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Google Takedown Requests in 2016

Written by Samuel O'Toole on 16 January 2017

“An individual wrote a negative review of a business on a complaints website. After the business threatened litigation for false allegations, the individual filed a copyright complaint to delist the page containing the review” Google did not delist this URL from Google Search, due to the complaints website’s Terms of Service, the copyright found in published reviews belongs to the complaints website and not the individual that wrote the review.
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IP in 2017: what to expect

Written by Ellis Sweetenham on 11 January 2017

With our backs turning to 2016 and now looking forward to 2017, it is clear from this early stage that a lot will happen in the IPsphere in 2017.
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Patent Litigation- Permission to Appeal

Written by Thomas Mould on 21 December 2016

The Court of Appeal last week was concerned with an application for permission to appeal in Teva UK Ltd v Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co KG [2016] EWCA Civ 1296.
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